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Power of Reading
– Train your Imagination to think Big

 “Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.” This quote by Barack Obama exquisitely epitomizes the importance of Reading. You may hear a lot many times that readin...


Embracing the Diversity at L&G

Hello Everyone, Hope you are good. My heartfelt wishes for you all as we begin the 75th year of Independence. I feel so grateful to all the freedom fighters who ensured that we could enjoy this freedom. I ...


What is Servant Leadership?

Recently, I was forced to think that what kind of Leadership Style is suitable to our organization’s culture. The answer I kept coming to was Servant Leadership. I wrote that as an answer to many of my co...


Trying to Define Leadership for our Organization

In a recent event, we promoted a few of our team members to Leaders. The titles were changed, roles & responsibilities were modified, KPAs were defined; but I still felt something was missing. What kept me ...