Workplace Communication Etiquette

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” —Emily Post—

Have you ever,

  • Held the door for somebody even if you are in rush?
  • Paid a compliment to a colleague who is not a part of your team?
  • Gave a break to your subordinates when vividly they required but not asked for it?
  • Thought how often do you use “Thank you” and “Please”?

These and many such questions; are important to address, and in today’s blog, we are going to do exactly that.

Workplace communication etiquette

Though Workplace has changed from Office spaces to Home environment in the past few years, especially during the Pandemic period, but the Communication manner remains almost the same. Whether you communicate with peers or Clients or your subordinates; use a Video calling method or Email and Other messaging apps or directly telephone, it is vital to get your message across effectively, professionally & with as lesser mistakes as possible.

How you communicate your thoughts, and with which effect you present it, will make others shape an opinion about you. Hence, it is essential that you do this task Properly and successfully.

Now, What is proper workplace communication etiquette?

Accurately spotting the exact rules and defining the Communication Etiquette can be an arduous job especially when most of our team members are working from remote locations from varying cultures globally.

But that’s why, it becomes more essential to recognize and adapt to these differences with precise respect.

However, there are a few largely applicable directives that can help;

1. Greetings

  • Eye contact with a smile is essential.
  • Make sure you introduce all in a group meeting, don’t leave anybody or they may feel outcast.
  • Make yourself approachable by complimenting coworkers or engaging in casual conversation now and then.

2. How to begin a conversation

  • Start by telling your name.
  • Ask how they are doing and is that the right time to talk.
  • Avoid rambling and stick to the subject in hand.
  • Don’t forget the magic words, “Please”, “Thank you”, “May”, “Could” etc.
  • Always pay your appreciations while concluding.

3. Discourage hearsay while encouraging discourse

  • Office is not the place to indulge in gossip, but of course, general small talk is uplifting.                


4. Follow the ‘right’ communication channel

Workplace communication  demands conveying all kinds of messages, but choosing the “Right Communication channel” to do so, is a delicate job.

How will you make sure that employees are informed in a right way?
How to identify the channel that best supports the targeted objective?

To obtain the answers to all these and many such questions, Read my next Blog(link below).

In the closing note, Let your positive attitude speak for yourself, it might not be all the time essential, but it will be better than that.
Do not forget that, to be a Winner, you’ll have to be polite and Kind.

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