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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Services

Transform your business processes into intelligent automated operations and take your decision-making to the next level efficacy. Leverage Data Analytics, Deep Learning, AI and Machine Learning Models on Docker and Kubernetes with Microservices. Get Started with:

  • Business Case Identification
  • Data Veracity
  • Technology Identification
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Pipelines
  • ML/DL Model Optimization and Validation
  • ML/DL Model Monitoring

Fuel 2X Efficiency in Business Processes, Anomaly Detection, Infrastructure Utilization, Service Delivery, Business Decisions & Workplace Collaboration

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    WorkBench For Deep Learning, AI & ML

    Find Data Science Solutions for Data scientists, researchers to Build, Deploy Machine learning and Deep Learning algorithms at scale with automated On-premise and Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

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    Knowledge Discovery in Data Mining

    Find underlying meaning in unstructured data and patterns behind numbers to form insights through Pattern Detection using Data Mining, Data Mapping, Clustering.

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    Enterprise Business Analytics & Intelligence

    Leverage Cognitive & Prescriptive Intelligence for image Classification, Speech & Natural Language Recognition, Fraud & Anomaly Detection, Risk Prediction & Energy Optimization.

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    Predictive Analytics for Customer Delight

    Extract data from text sources for sentiment analysis, clustering & categorization using Natural Language Processing algorithms. Predict Future – assess risks, evaluate up-sell, cross-sell.


Power Up Your Business With An Unmatched Machine Intelligence

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    Solution for AWS Big Data Analytics

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable and scalable Cloud Computing services.

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    Solution for Google cloud platform

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) lets you build and host applications and websites on Google Cloud Infrastructure.

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    Solution for Azure Data Lake

    Microsoft Azure offers enterprise-grade cloud computing platform for building, deploying, managing applications.

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