Please note: Coming to office is completely optional. You should be under no pressure to visit office, unless there’s something stopping you to Work from Home.

Please avoid coming to office if

  • You need to use public transport to reach office.
  • You have travelled through public transport (Bus/Train/Flight) in last 14 days.
  • Anyone in your family (living in same house) has travelled in public transport in last 14 days.
  • You are feeling sick.
  • You don’t have Arogya Setu app installed.
  • Your Arogya Setu profile shows any Active COVID-19 positive case(s) in one km distance.

When coming to office

  • Everyone will need to sanitize themselves when you enter the office.
  • Thermal Fever Check would be done at entry, you cant enter office if feverish.
  • You must be wearing mask when entering the office.

Number of people in office

  • Maximum number of people allowed at a time is 8.
  • We will prefer those people to be from the same Team.
  • A schedule will be discussed with each team (that wants to come). Days of visit per month will be decided in advance.
  • Everyone must Email HR + Gaurav + Aarti, at least 1 day before an unplanned visit.
  • In case you have some issues at home, and need to work from home. Feel free to call one of the three people.

Lunch Rules

  • Maximum of 5 people can sit in lunch area at the same time.
  • You must ensure that, you are sitting 2 meters distance from each other while having lunch.
  • You must bring lunch from home, or go out to eat.
  • Zomato/Swiggy or any other food delivery service won’t be allowed in office.
  • Please bring a microwave safe lunch box, if you want to warm your food in office.
  • Please bring a lunch box, in which you can eat food. Avoid using Dishes from office.

Coffee Rules

  • Our coffee/tea is already contactless, so its safe to have tea/coffee.
  • There won’t be any light snack available, during the pandemic period.
  • Everyone would be given (or you can bring from home) a coffee/tea cup.
  • Everyone must keep their cup with them all the time, wash it themselves, and use only that cup for tea/coffee.

Your Desk

  • There won’t be any fixed desk for anyone.
  • Every seat would be sanitized every morning.
  • If you want to, you can ask the cleaning person to sanitize your desk again.
  • We will keep the distance between desks to ensure that you don’t have to wear mask while you are on your seat.
  • During the day, try to keep your desk clean yourself, to ensure less visits from the cleaning person at your desk.

When getting up from your desk

  • You should sanitize yourself.
  • One must always wear mask when getting up and not sitting on their desk.
  • We have masks available in the office, in case you need one.
  • No more than 5 people would be allowed in coffee area at a time, to ensure social distancing.
  • If you want to have coffee together, make sure you are sitting at least 2 meters distance from each other.
  • Meeting rooms would be converted to individual cabins, so only virtual meetings would be possible.

And some more

  • You are not allowed to have any guests in the office.
  • Personal online order deliveries won’t be allowed during the period.