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Maintaining etiquette across various communication channels

Before I start elaborating on the manners that we must stick to while using various communication channels, we need to understand how to pick the most effective communication channel to deliver your message to ...

Sitecore 10
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Why upgrade to Sitecore 10

More Improvements to Horizon Horizon is the next-generation editor in Sitecore Experience Platform. Horizon includes the following features: The page editor, which you use to create and edit web pages. As...

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What’s New in Bootstrap 5

A lot has changed in Bootstrap 5 over Bootstrap 4. Here is the list of major differences you need to keep in mind when updating your old projects that are built with Bootstrap 4 or earlier. If you are starting ...

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Workplace Communication Etiquette

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” —Emily Post— Have you ever, Held the door for somebody even i...


Embracing the Diversity at L&G

Hello Everyone, Hope you are good. My heartfelt wishes for you all as we begin the 75th year of Independence. I feel so grateful to all the freedom fighters who ensured that we could enjoy this freedom. I ...

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Microsoft Orleans

Before We understand Orleans We need to take a look at normal Scalable Applications. Below is the Diagram that shows it Scalability refers to an application’s capacity or ability to grow with demand wi...


What is Servant Leadership?

Recently, I was forced to think that what kind of Leadership Style is suitable to our organization’s culture. The answer I kept coming to was Servant Leadership. I wrote that as an answer to many of my co...


Trying to Define Leadership for our Organization

In a recent event, we promoted a few of our team members to Leaders. The titles were changed, roles & responsibilities were modified, KPAs were defined; but I still felt something was missing. What kept me ...

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Pre-Requisite: What skills do you need to be a developer?

Software Development is one of the top career choices in the world at this moment. I speak to many people who aspire to be a Software Developer, but they aren’t sure about the skills they need, to be a go...

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C# 9.0 -> What’s new

.NET 5, C# 9.0 (and many more features) is released now. Like always, its the time we go through the new handy features that came with the latest version. In this blog, the focus will be on C# 9.0 only. I will ...

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Dependency Injection in .Net Core

            What is Dependency? A dependency is an object that another object depends upon. For example; public class EmployeeControl...

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.NET Core

.Net Core is a platform which is independent, modular and open source version of .Net framework. It is a complete re-write of .Net Framework with new CLR, Base Class Libraries for developing cross platform and ...