Embracing the Diversity at L&G

Hello Everyone, Hope you are good.
My heartfelt wishes for you all as we begin the 75th year of Independence. I feel so grateful to all the freedom fighters who ensured that we could enjoy this freedom. I also feel deepest thanks & love for all the Indians who fight every day to ensure that this Freedom stays intact.  

The last One and a half years have been so crazy, the human race has really struggled. Our fellow Indians have struggled. At L&G, we have learnt some tough lessons. We pray that all this is over soon. So, we can live normally like we used to before Covid.

We are a team of more than 75 now. Wow! I want to take a moment to reflect on that what it means for us.

Then, look at this picture for a moment. When I look at it, the first thing that comes out of my heart is that – WOW!!! We are so Diverse.

L&G’s landscape across India

Few facts about L&G on this Independence Day

  • Today L&G can speak 15+ Human Languages (not programming languages)
    Few are: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Himachali, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Kannad, Maghi etc.
  • L&G can easily speak 60+ Dialects.
  • L&G belongs to approx. 4 religions.
  • We belong to 10+ states of India. I am sure we missed few in above picture.

That’s so fascinating. What makes it more fascinating is that we are only 3+ years old. We not only scaling, we scaling with Diversity.

There’s one thing that connects us deeply: We all are INDIANS. We all sing the same national Anthem. We all dance when India wins in Any Sports. We all cry when India loses. We all argue on Government policies. We all are angry when our neighbour attacks our borders.

There’s another superpower that the above facts bring to us, and I must admit we don’t celebrate this one as much as we should. Let’s Reflect on this one today.


Diversity is what makes L&G such an exciting prospect. Till now, we have managed to create a culture where we are accepting different Opinions (Please correct if that’s not the case). Our diverse and inclusive workforce helps keeps us on our toes.  There are contrasting opinions, independent perspectives about things. There’s more than one Right way of solving problems. We give space to our teammates, to speak in their comfort zone. We translate our local jokes into an understandable language for everyone.

Above are few examples how we show Respect & Acceptance in Diversity.

Are we perfect? Noo, of course, we are not. We make mistakes, we sometimes argue that what I do in XX situation is right vs what another person does in the same situation. We sometimes feel, how is that person not working for a small reason. Even though, in his/her culture that reason is not small. We sometimes switch back to our local language during problem-solving, while a couple of other teammates in the same meeting have no idea of what is going on.

That’s okay. We are supposed to make mistakes. Humans are supposed to make mistakes. We must just keep improving, keep getting better at this.

A fun fact, some religious person from North India might be in shock that how can you eat non-vegetarian on a religious day. But in West Bengal, Fish is a very holy concept. It’s so beautiful. For our whole life we believed in a ritual, every person in our life agreed to this ritual. Suddenly that’s not necessarily 100% true. It’s not wrong it’s just not the only truth. What happened here? We matured as a person, we learnt life is not black and white. There’s grey too.

I am not going to take longer, my one message for L&G on this Independence Day is:

Let’s show acceptance & gratitude. Let’s respect diverse opinions. Let’s join hands in optimistically welcoming various cultures..

As we celebrate India’s independence, we are also celebrating the Diversity of this Country. We are celebrating Diversity at L&G. Next, is performances that our team members & their family members have prepared and recorded for us. I am super excited about it. So, I am Out.

Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind.


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