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Pre-Requisite: What skills do you need to be a developer?

Software Development is one of the top career choices in the world at this moment. I speak to many people who aspire to be a Software Developer, but they aren’t sure about the skills they need, to be a go...

Software Development

C# 9.0 -> What’s new

.NET 5, C# 9.0 (and many more features) is released now. Like always, its the time we go through the new handy features that came with the latest version. In this blog, the focus will be on C# 9.0 only. I will ...

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Dependency Injection in .Net Core

            What is Dependency? A dependency is an object that another object depends upon. For example; public class EmployeeControl...

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.NET Core

.Net Core is a platform which is independent, modular and open source version of .Net framework. It is a complete re-write of .Net Framework with new CLR, Base Class Libraries for developing cross platform and ...

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Git – Advanced tips & tricks

Git is amazing and you’ll learn only by using it. Like in any other version control system, in git, you commit files, review the history of changes, maybe even create a merge branch. Git is more powerful ...

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Azure AD + SAML

In every web application, while making architectural and design-based decisions, deciding which identity provider is to be used is always a critical aspect because it defines overall security layer of a web app...